Lisa Soma

"Barb is a wonderful massage therapist! My neck, shoulders and back are always stiff and tight. After an hour massage I have more range of motion in my neck and my shoulders feel amazing! Barb goes the extra mile by using heat, oils and lotions at no extra charge. I have been seeing Barb for over a year now and highly recommend her!"

Becca Ronning Hohn

"I just had an incredible massage today with Barb! The pressure was just the right amount and the essential oils worked wonders! I appreciated the info she gave me as well as stretches to do at home to help my healing!"

Denise Schoolmeester

"I highly recommend Stress Break Massage. Barb worked a miracle on my hip muscles this week. I had chronic hip pain for 5 months- tried Physical Therapy, Dry needling, Chiropratic and exercising. Barb was able to relief the pain and I will forever be thankful."

Kim Peterson

"Barb was amazing and the massage was one of the best I've ever had! I totally recommend regular massages with Stress Break! TY Barb!"

Kris Monger

"Barb is absolutely awesome. I was going through some medical issues. Barb took so much time helping me and working on the areas that needed a lot of help. She knows exactly how to help you. Highly highly recommend Barb"

Kimberly Kaye

"Barb is a wonderful massage therapist. She understands where your pain is coming from, works the area, and educates on what you can do to help yourself so the problem doesn't persist!"

Betty Stubbe Zell

"Barb is awesome. She is the best massage therapist I have ever used. Try her, you won't be disappointed."

Kari Carroll

"This was the best massage I have ever had!"

Donette Theel

"Barb is the BEST-I've gone to others but always return!!"